Equality and diversity learner handbook pdf

Equality and diversity objectives 2015/2016 to review the college equality and diversity strategy to further identify and address barriers to achievement and progression to broaden and deepen understanding of what it means to be part of the diverse society that is modern britain in order to increase tolerance and decrease discrimination. 28 these principles of equality and diversity apply to all areas of employment and include recruitment, selection, terms and conditions, the way we are managed, learning and development, promotion, transfers and appraisals. Handbook in respect of equality and diversity breach will be treated as a serious matter and may be a ground for disciplinary action 19 where a member, pupil or staff member is disabled there is a duty to consider a reasonable adjustment to the terms of this handbook a request. Learners, from a private provider finding innovative ways to engage young parents, to a voluntary provider the role of further education in relation to equality, diversity and social inclusion, april 2005) argued equality and diversity in self-assessment: guidance for colleges and providers the 20 and for guidance. How the student handbook communicates about equality and diversity consulting learners background equality and diversity uk are a specialist training company focusing on equality and diversity in the private, public and voluntary sectors we provide training courses, seminars, resources and the.

90 basic education rights handbook – education rights in south africa equality requires all learners to receive a basic education • second, equality is about 94 basic education rights handbook – education rights in south africa – chapter 4:. 106 information about diversity in range of candidates, etc supplementary 107 interpretation and exceptions part 8 harmonise equality law and restate the greater part of the enactments relating equality act 2010 (c 15. Sar process) and amend the equality and diversity policy and handbook whenever there are changes to the law, or, at the minimum, every three years 46 ensure all staff receive equality and diversity training as appropriate to meeting their. Equality, diversity and inclusion policy union as well as making reference to it in the student handbook the document was revised • ensuring and promoting equality through teaching and learning, and also in the selection, enrolment, assessment and progression of students.

Annual equality and diversity report 2016/17 (sas) and uolia student profile data continues page 2 of 25 : 1 the university’s legal obligations and its commitment to diversity and inclusion governing bodies, equality and diversity – a handbook for governors of english heis ’ equality challenge unit (november 2016) page 3 of 25. Understanding equality & diversity | 1 learning & workforce development trainers’ handbook understanding equality & diversity an understanding of equality and diversity is important in your role as a trainer. Good practice handbook for education providers equality and diversity uk the resource can be used as a self-study pack that outlines important information on the equality act 2010 in relation to learning providers and highlights responsibilities and liabilities. Support materials centre handbook candidate logbook registration and certification consult the walled garden/online catalogue for last dates title and level city & guilds concerned with equality & diversity the learner is encouraged to consider the issues surrounding equality & diversity in society, their community and in the work place.

This handbook relates to the following qualification: level 3 award in leading equality, diversity and inclusion in defence this qualification develops a learner’s understanding of equality and diversity within a defence environment pre-entry requirements astc303 support equality, diversity an individual rights in the workplace k4. Equality & diversity: - cmse training services is committed to equality of opportunity for staff, learners, stakeholders and all under-represented groups and to a pro-active approach to equality in the workplace. University documents choose a folder: equality and diversity annual report 2016pdf (2069 kb) 06/09/2017 equality and diversity learning and development frameworkpdf (434 kb) 14/10/2014 equality and diversity objectivespdf (196 kb) 15/12/2016 equality and diversity. Top tips for trainers on promoting equality and diversity to learners welcome to this guide be incorporated into an induction handbook or other learning resource democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those equality and diversity examples/case studies are used to.

Equality and diversity learner handbook pdf

Read online or download equality and diversity in the lifelong learning sector pdf similar philosophy & social aspects books download e-book for kindle: intercollegiate athletics and the american university: a by james j duderstadt. The book is a showcase of best practice from a variety of teaching contexts around the world, where colleagues have successfully embedded equality and diversity in english language teaching. Handbook of workplace diversity first edition edited by: alison m the handbook of workforce diversity is an indispensable resource for students and academics of human resource management, organisational behaviour, from managing equality to managing diversity. Embedding equality and diversity esol nexus professional development esolbritishcouncilorg introduction promoting equality and diversity through teaching and learning this first unit takes a broad look at the practicalities of this for teachers and learning in the prison esol classroom.

  • And diversity awareness in football award course handbook contents on a different aspect of equality and diversity in the game learning is comprised of a range the aims of the equality and diversity awareness in football award are: knowledge and understanding k1:.
  • The awarding body publishes its diversity and equal opportunities policy internally to employees, externally to monitoring awareness of the equality and diversity policy by key stakeholders through questionnaires o the learner handbook ‘a guide to cips qualifications’ details the entry requirements for each.

Equality and diversitypdf equality and code of practice for student personal support 2015-16pdf code of practice for the student liaison officer 2015-16pdf fp2016_applicants_handbook_020915pdf guidance on confidentiality and data protection september 2015pdf. Bsb handbook equality rules 3 contents introduction 4 section 1 recruitment and work allocation equality monitoring 6 section 3 equality policy and action plan 11 section 4 equality and diversity officer 13 section 5 recruitment in chambers 14 section 6 recruitment and work allocation equality monitoring 16 section 7 workforce diversity. 13 the following handbook provides the learning outcomes and assessment strategy for the delivery of the level 1 award in equality and diversity (rqf) the handbook is a live document.

equality and diversity learner handbook pdf Equality and diversity staff handbook  this document has been produced by: the hr workforce programme  the council's objective for equality and diversity in employment is to ensure that  4 learning and development of staff.
Equality and diversity learner handbook pdf
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